Main and best Wearables / Gadgets (not just smartwatches) to buy right now:

Iradish Y6

For only € 30 you have a camera, HD touch screen, silicon interchangeable anti-sweat strap, speaker, 350 mAh battery (lasts about 3 days), personalized interface, pedometer, compatible with iOS and Android, music player, in silver, gold and black, in Spanish and many more languages, telephone call, answer, message, sim QQ separated, WeChat, browser, recorder, Time, sleep monitor, alarm, sedentary reminder, remote camera, Anti-lost and intelligent synchronization.

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Bracelet / Necklace / USB Bracelet

For the day to day of the usual computer, if you need to hide a USB and take it with you everywhere this is perfect for you. There are different models and the prices vary, you also have to take into account the capacity of the usb. For 1 EUR.

A good smartphone

Indispensable if you want to have everything controlled in your hand, little by little they are replacing computers, more if they have 4 Gb of RAM and an Intel processor like the Asus Zenfone 2.

An external Flash

Yes, it may seem silly but something fundamental in a photograph is the light and the interior cameras do not have any more if you want to add even more light to your semi-professional photographs you need it.

You have thousands of options, the most prominent are the ASUS Lolliflash for approximately €5, another of the same company is the ZenFlash, has a Xenon flash as the high-end SLR cameras. It costs about 30 euros but it is difficult to find.

A Gadget for the mobile, the Xiaomi Mi Key

For € 1.50 you can get this gadget that plugs into the output of the headphones and adds even more functionality depending on the number of clicks we can open different applications by clicking a simple or long click.
gadget Xiaomi Mi Key png


A portable external battery

There are also all types and forms of power and capacity. The best are the RAVPower brand for an average of 30 euros, another is Xiaomi PowerBank for about 20 euros.
I chose the ASUS ZenPower with 10,050mAh and a credit card size is perfect for my trip to Italy and only for € 14

Some lenses for the mobile

If you are an amateur / professional photographer you need them, there are three lenses: Fish Eye, Wide Angle and Macro. With them do not think you’re going to have some reflex camera photos but if you put it together with an extra flash (see above) you can do amazing things.

Smartwatch Pulsera/Collar/Brazalete USB lentes para el móvil batería externa portátil Xiaomi Mi Key Flash externo smartphone png

A ring with NFC chip

What can you do with this ring?

  • Schedule lock: Bring the mobile phone with the smart ring to run the program, only you open the mobile phone.
  • Magical Business Card: Leave your contact information with style. With the NFC device you can share IMAGE and TEXT. You can share with Android phones and Windows Phone
  • Hide apps: the highest level of protection in personal privacy.
  • Whisper: The product is the first device from which Mundial can add 6 Images and 2000 characters to a piece of NFC codeword, enable “Delete After Reading”
  • Unlock Screen: Put the smart ring as way to unlock the mobile phone screen.

The most useful accessory and at the same time stupid that nobody came up with today: PopSockets

This device allows you to improve the way you take the smartphone, perfect for making selfies, to place it in the car or millions of other functions.