A Raspberry Pi is a development board with several models, which serves to teach and do projects in this area. Its potential is incredible, with it we can practice robotics, programming and IoT.

Not only the plate itself is fantastic, it is even more the community of users and developers behind it, there are infinite projects and I have tried to collect the most useful in my day to day.

To this small plate the size of a credit card you can add all kinds of accessories such as sensors to a camera.


PR. Nº1 make a smart tv

With this project we will transform the Raspberry Pi into an audiovisual center (Media Center) so that our television becomes a Smart TV, with this we can watch movies and online series among many other things like music or videos from YouTube.

PR. Nº2 make a retro game console

Thanks to this project our Raspberry Pi will become “THE CONSOLE”, will gather hundreds or thousands of games, according to the capacity of our SD card and varied platforms.


PR. Nº3 make a personal assistant

PR. Nº4 make a butler robot

Only ideas:

Minar Bitcoins / Litecoins / Dogecoins / Orbitcoin / Craftcoin with Raspberry b +

To Do:

-Home solar charger

-Remote controller for the whole house (lights, Tv music chain and any electronic device)