The Blog of Luisi:

I want to thank you for entering in my new website, it is a Blog that evolved, was called “The Dosier of Luisi” and explained basic things like eliminating a blog or the guidelines for an academic work, little by little I I went into computer security and when I turned one year of life I decided to buy a domain and a personal hosting, by the way, I was not expecting how cheap it was. This is my second web, in ENGLISH only. Have past bit more of a year.

It has not been easy, I have had to combine studies with this, my passion and I have had problems to configure and increase the speed of the page because I come from Blogger and there everything is completely different.

In this new blog I will explain and hope that we have fun talking about Computer security and also about technology in general all in Spanish, I hope to open a subdomain in English someday: D, with topics as varied as Tutorials, courses, easy manuals, media and For advanced people, etc.
I will have a section of Wereable Technology that will talk about technological gadgets that we can use daily, also another section of Warez in which I will share scripts, books, tricks, guides, plugins, templates and a long etc.

The first entry I want to dedicate so much to my family, my sister for the design and my other sister for the management, as not, my computer teacher, the only one who has only one year.
I try to publish more or less a review or entry a week but never until it is perfect, call me a retailer but I do not upload anything on my website, even if I accept Guest Blogging have to have a high quality and always my subject or related With technology, computer security or wereables.

And do not entertain any more, let’s begin!

Luis Diéguez Barrio


Computer security blog
Computer security blog