How to make a smart tv with a Raspberry Pi (b+)

For this we need:

  • A Raspberry pi (it does not matter, I’ll use a b +)
  • Mouse and keyboard
  • An SD card with the Openelec system
  • A TV, no matter how old it has hdmi
  • A usb memory
  • Internet
  • An internet usb (Or if you have adsl an adapter to be able to connect it to the Raspi)
We install the Openelec system in the sd, with 4 GB we get.

How to Install Openelec

  1. We will download Openelec from the official raspberry website:
    And we decompress it.
  2. Then format the sd card that we are going to use, used Formatter:
    We give to the right to the blue button “Accept” and we will be downloaded to us automatically
  3. To mount the image on the sd card we download and use Win32 Disk Imager

To use it:

– We give the icon of the blue folder and select the uncompressed image of Openelec
-Select the SD card where it says “Device”
-We give it to “Write”
how to make a smart home tv with raspberry pi

When we finish loading it we extract it correctly and we insert it in the Raspberry, we connect it to our TV and we already have our media center.
To control it you can use the mouse, but I prefer to use an app to control it from the mobile / tablet.
Search the App Store or Market that have “Xbmc remote” or something similar

How to install Pelis à la carte

What is Pelis à la carte? Very simple, it is a program or in our case a plugin to watch movies and Internet series on a television, using a remote control instead of having to navigate pages with the mouse. It is not a media player, but rather an extension or “plugin” of some of the most popular media centers and players.

The first will be downloaded in the usb memory, which can be 1 GB no more is needed, the plug-in Pelis a la carte

Choose the version of xbmc that we have, if the download just choose the last
The last one is Krypton.

Pelisalacarta xbmc Krypton (Version 17.0)

pelisalacarta 4.1.2 - Versión Clásica - Kodi 17.0 (Krypton)

Pelisalacarta xbmc Jarvis (Version 15.0)

pelisalacarta 4.0.7 - Versión Clásica - Kodi 16.0 (Jarvis)
pelisalacarta 4.0.7 - Versión Skin - Kodi 16.0 (Jarvis)

Pelisalacarta xbmc Isengard (Version 15.0)

pelisalacarta 4.0.7 - Version Clásica - Kodi 15.0 (Isengard)
pelisalacarta 4.0.7 - Version Skin - Kodi 15.0 (Isengard)

Pelisalacarta xbmc Helix (Version 14.0)

pelisalacarta 4.0.7 - Version Skin - Kodi 14.0 (Helix)
pelisalacarta 4.0.7 - Version Clásica - Kodi 14.0 (Helix)

Pelisalacarta xbmc gotham (Version 13.0)
Old: pelisalacarta 3.9.99 – Version Skin – XBMC 13.0 (Gotham).zip

New: pelisalacarta 4.0.7 – Version Skin – XBMC 13.0 (Gotham)

pelisalacarta 4.0.7 - Version Clásica - XBMC 13.0 (Gotham)

Pelisalacarta xbmc frodo (Versión 12.0)
Old: pelisalacarta 3.9.99 – Version XBMC 12.0 (Frodo)

New: pelisalacarta 4.0.7 – Version XBMC 12.0 (Frodo)


Pelisalacarta xbmc eden (Versión 11.0)

Old: pelisalacarta 3.9.99 – Version XBMC 12.0 (EDEN)

New: pelisalacarta 4.0.7 – Version XBMC 12.0 (EDEN)
Pelisalacarta xbmc dharma (Version 10.0)

Old: pelisalacarta 3.9.99 – Version XBMC 12.0 (dharma)

New: pelisalacarta 4.0.7 – Version XBMC 12.0 (dharma)


Pelisalacarta xbmc (previous version)

pelisalacarta 4.0.7 - Version XBMC 9.11 y anteriores

It is important because if not, you will not recognize it.

After connecting the Raspberry to the TV we introduce the Internet adapter, the sd card with openelec, the mouse and the keyboard and the memory with Pelisalacarta

Now in the xbmc go to System ➡ Add-ons ➡ Install from a .zip file

We give it Ok and we wait a while to be installed. We will get a popup message that will inform us that it has been installed.
Now we just go to Videos ➡ Add-ons and we have to appear in the movie, there we can give Channels and search our favorite pages.

Como hacer una smart tv con una Raspberry pi png
* Update!!: I recommend using the mobile app “kodi” to control it and thus avoid having the lowest number of USB being used as well so the USB WIFI connector connects faster and is more comfortable.

Pelis à la carte stops updating

Since Pelis à la carte has stopped updating we can use other Add-ons that do the same function. Let them show us the links of series and movies.

We followed the same method of installing that we did with Pelis à la carte:

Addon BassFox 

Addon Adryanlist


System ➡ Add-ons ➡ Install from a .zip file

  • And now (just for Bassfox) we will install from repository.

BassFox Official Repo ➡ Video Accessories ➡ BassFox ➡ Install

  • For Adryanlist:

Adryanlist ➡ Add-ons

One last tip is to go to the addon configuration (we left the selection button pressed for 2 seconds) Settings Activate the option “Activate Turbo” OK