What is a compressor:

Is a program used to compress folders and files, when compressing files what we do is reduce its size, we can reduce it up to 80% of its normal weight without losing the original information of said file also we can protect it with password.

Download and install 7-Zip:

  1. Enter the official 7-Zip page, we can not download it without knowing how many bits our computer is, if you already know skip the next step.
  2. Check the bits of your computer, for this we go to “My Computer” or “System” -> “About”
  3. Download the most suitable program according to our version (32 bits or 64 bits)
  4. Installing it by opening it or two clicks, has a simple installer that will allow us to use it in seconds.
7-Zip comprimir carpeta

To Compress a File:

  1. When downloading the program will appear automatically when right-clicking
  2. Open the tab that puts 7-Zip and give you to add file
  3. We select the options that we consider most suitable for the work that we want to perform and we accept
  4. Open a compressed file ready to use

To Unzip a File:

  1. Select the folder by left-clicking on the ICON
  2. Let’s go to the 7-Zip program tab
  3. And select “extract here” or “extract files”


The most commonly used programs to compress-decompress files are Winrar and 7-Zip although Winrar is commercial and not 7-Zip.

Winrar allows a free 30 day trial and much more file compatibility.