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How to create and verify accounts without a phone number

Normally we do alternative accounts simply because we do not want to put our main account, to add a bit of anonymity to increase our security on the Internet or to have more space in MEGA, Google Drive, etc.

Everyone has their main reason but we all have the same in common.

Today we will learn to verify email accounts without putting a phone, also to use temporary and anonymous accounts, all this written to defend our right to privacy.

But first, learn what the computer is.

If you want a GMAIL account but do not put the phone number:


Crear y verificar cuentas gmail sin poner el número de teléfono

To make the account without putting the personal phone number we just have to put CHINA in location.

We do not need anything else, keep in mind that Gmail (Google) takes spam very seriously and they can close the account when they feel like it since they have no way to verify it.

If you want a YAHOO account but do not put the phone number:


Crear y verificar cuentas yahoo sin poner el número de teléfono
We only write the data, real or false and as a number we put a fixed, it does not matter if it is invented or not.
This error allows you to put any number that will never make a check, they will not send you a pin or a message with what we do not care if it is invented; if you want more security you can put the number of a local business and in case you need to talk to them, if they are nice they can leave it (Only if you need to tell them)

If you want a HOTMAIL account [OUTLOOK] but do not put the phone number:


Crear y verificar cuentas HOTMAIL [OUTLOOK] sin poner el número de teléfonoIn Outlook, we only set up an alternative account and will not ask for any phone number.
So good people are, just use the phone number to verify accounts with clear spam rates.


Account without password or anything:

Are emails that only put the email address you want and access to it, some of them are anonymous and all free, are really useful, I’ll give you some examples:
For me the best, just came in and I do not need more, the problem of all these emails is that anyone can enter, I recommend putting a very long or very difficult email.
Send an anonymous 100% email, anonymous email allows you to send with attachments.
Although it has features that can only be unlocked by paying 1.8 euros.
Free temporary email, the interesting thing about this in particular is that it allows to eliminate hidden tracking codes in HTML emails, so that the sender does not register your IP or the details of the browser.

Email account that, as your domain name says, allows us to use it for 10 minutes, although you can increase the duration while you are connected and press “Give me 10 more minutes!”.

There are countless anonymous accounts and no password on the Internet, I hope the entry of this humble computer blog has served you useful, if so or you would change something put a comment that always brighten my day 😀